AMMEX Glove Pricing in 2021

2021 Update on AMMEX Glove Prices – 15% OFF Vinyl Gloves

The underlying reasons for rising glove prices have not changed. There continues to be an imbalance between supply and demand for disposable gloves. This is putting heavy pressure on the overall supply chain and manufacturers are struggling to keep up. Manufacturers are struggling keep up. And for the last eight months this has led to…

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We Teamed Up with AMMEX®, the Leading Wholesale Distributor of Disposable Gloves

This new year we teamed up with AMMEX®, the leading wholesale distributor of disposable gloves and barrier protection products. Hygienic Labs, LLC is now an authorized distributor and reseller of AMMEX’s products in the U.S., Latin America, and within the Caribbean. AMMEX®, is located in Kent, Washington, with production capacity of billions of gloves per year and presence…

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