Boycott Ebay

Boycott Ebay

We are encouraging the boycott of Ebay because it is clear that Ebay is playing favoritism and lying about it. Here is the evidence…

Today, September 13th, 2020 we attempted to list our KleenSwell™ Liquid Hand Sanitizers to an Ebay account we have owned for about 20 years. The listing was denied with the following message.

“Because this item is susceptible to price gouging, it may be sold only by authorized sellers. Do not relist this item.”

We can see at least 52 listings on Ebay when we search for “Liquid Hand Sanitizers” and many of them are paid sponsored links and many were charging much more than we are…

So, naturally, we then contacted their support through a chat app to find out how to get authorized to sell our KleenSwell™ hand sanitizers on Ebay.

This is the transscript…

I manufacture hand sanitizers. Our brand is called KleenSwell that is FDA Registered. When I try to list it on Ebay I get a message that says “it may be sold only by authorized sellers.”2020 – 09 – 1309:01:08 UTC Satinder Pal

Hi, Welcome to eBay. This is Sander. Can I have your first and last name to verify the account.

09:01:10 UTC Satinder Pal

I sincerely hope everything is well with you and your family.

09:01:34 UTC vegasneil702

Hi Sander. My name is Neil Sargisian.

09:02:40 UTC Satinder Pal

Hi there Neil. I see here you’re trying to list hand sanitizers. Right?

09:03:00 UTC vegasneil702

Yes, that is correct.

09:03:38 UTC Satinder Pal

I see. I’m sincerely sorry if the system is not letting you list it.

09:04:16 UTC vegasneil702

How do I get authorized to list hand sanitizers on Ebay?

09:05:32 UTC Satinder Pal

items? There is not a process for sellers to apply to be an authorized seller for these items.

09:05:52 UTC Satinder Pal

Due to the rapid developments of the COVID-19 epidemic and the laws and regulatory restrictions across the globe, we have chosen to prohibit certain items from being listed on our site. eBay will block new listings and start to remove listings that sell: Masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks Hand sanitizer/Gel Disinfecting wipes

09:06:54 UTC vegasneil702

But I see many other listings on your site for hand sanitizers and many of them charge more than I do.

09:07:08 UTC Satinder Pal

You will see listings at various prices as people are going to be consistently trying to re-listing these items. Our ultimate goal is to remove 100% of these listings as they impact us being a respectful and fair marketplace. You can report anything that has not been removed directly from the item.

09:07:18 UTC Satinder Pal

We are removing listings as quickly as possible in batches. Algorithms are used to determine the batches and we are working as quickly as we can to remove active listings to ensure they are complying with our site expectations around this matter. You can report anything that has not been removed directly from the item

09:08:03 UTC Satinder Pal

Accounts are being warned and even being suspended for not removing these items.

09:08:56 UTC Satinder Pal

We are reviewing and taking actions as quickly as possible. Seeing “X number” items on the site is a really low number of listings for a product. This tells you that we are taking action, as you would likely see this product above 1000+. We do ask that you do not attempt to relist this item as it takes away from our resources trying to remove the remaining current active listings. This is a huge undertaking but one that is important to us.

09:09:25 UTC vegasneil702

Are you not allowing ANY hand sanitizers to be sold on ebay?

09:09:51 UTC Satinder Pal

Yes, all of the sanitizers are being prohibited. I’m truly sorry Neil.

09:10:39 UTC vegasneil702

But I even say some sponsored paid listings for hand sanitizers on your site. Many of them.

09:10:47 UTC vegasneil702


09:11:17 UTC Satinder Pal

Yes that’s right. Those are already being monitored and lots of listings being sponsored has been taken down already.

09:12:00 UTC Satinder Pal

I would highly suggest not listing these items, the account can be suspended.

09:12:20 UTC vegasneil702

I would think it would be very easy for you to remove them if you wanted to. It looks like your company is offering favoritism because there are so many listings on your site for hand sanitizers.. Even paid listings.

09:13:00 UTC vegasneil702

Please understand that this is my own brand that I put my life savings into developing so that I can help the public be safe.

09:13:38 UTC vegasneil702

Is there a manager that I can speak with?

09:13:42 UTC Satinder Pal

I can honestly understand your side here Neil. But we are doing what really needs to be done and that is removing these listings. But due to high numbers of sellers, it keeps on coming and it’s really hard for us to keep track and remove all of them at once.

09:13:59 UTC Satinder Pal

I recognize the frustration this has caused you and can understand how speaking with a supervisor might feel like the best option. However, I am confident we can work toward a resolution together.

09:14:21 UTC Satinder Pal

But none of us here can over ride the system and let you list it. I’m truly sorry.

09:15:21 UTC vegasneil702

I would still like to speak with a manager. Is that possible?

09:15:37 UTC Satinder Pal

I’ll try to look for an available one.

09:15:50 UTC vegasneil702

Thank you

09:19:21 UTC Satinder Pal

Still looking for an available one.

09:20:40 UTC vegasneil702

Thank you. I’ll wait.

09:22:58 UTC Precious Mae

It’s great to have you on my line. My name is Precious, a supervisor. It looks like you were transferred to me. Let me just take a moment and look into what’s going on.

09:23:42 UTC vegasneil702

Ok, hi Precious. I’ll wait for you to catch up.

09:24:40 UTC Precious Mae

Hello Neil, I understand you’re concern about listing hand sanitizers on the site. Let me assist you on this.

09:27:03 UTC vegasneil702

Thank you. When I search “Liquid Hand Sanitizer, 1-Gallon” on Ebay I can see 52 listing for hand sanitizers. Many of which are paid sponsored listings. Under those circumstances most people would agree that it would be strange that Ebay isn’t letting me.

09:27:39 UTC vegasneil702

Especially since I am listing lower prices than many of the listings already on your site.

09:28:36 UTC vegasneil702

I am a web developer too so I know how easy it would be for you to remove all the other listings if you wanted too.

09:28:36 UTC Precious Mae

I understand it’s concerning since you are able to see other sellers listing the same item but that does mean it’s okay. Those listings are still not reviewed and once reviewed appropriate action will be done to the listings violating our policy.

09:28:58 UTC vegasneil702

I am a web developer too so I know how easy it would be for you to remove all the other listings if you wanted too.

09:30:18 UTC Precious Mae

There’s a lot of listings being listed on our site and as much as we want to remove them right away there are times wherein we can’t but we try our best to do action right away.

09:30:55 UTC vegasneil702

This feels like favoritism to me and I think the public would agree.

09:32:25 UTC Precious Mae

I’m sorry if you feel singled out on this but we don’t have that intention. We continue to do our best to take actions right away.

09:33:35 UTC Precious Mae

I’d like to check if you’re still connected.

09:34:36 UTC Precious Mae

It seems that I’m not getting any response. I might need to end this line to assist other customers. Thank you for choosing eBay. We value your business.

09:34:38 UTC

Chat ended by Precious Mae

You can download and see the entire chat here…

In conclusion, Ebay is making it seem like it is a lot of work to remove listings that they doesn’t meet their new (supposed) guidelines but this is obviously a lie because any web developer like myself knows how easy it is to remove listings from a website… even if there is 1000’s of them.

Also, the excuse that they are trying to prevent “price gouging” is ridiculous because the fact is they are continuing to feature many suppliers who are in fact price gouging while denying our KleenSwell™ Hand Sanitizer listing which is listed at a much more competitive price compared to any listing comparable to ours.

For these reasons, we feel Ebay is an unethical business and we will be boycotting Ebay and we encourage you to do the same.

If you do a quick search for “Boycott Ebay” you will see MANY other upset sellers and buyers who are boycotting Ebay for many other reasons.

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