Vinyl Gloves for Sale

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As the economy continues to reopen for business, the need for PPE, specifically disposable gloves, has never been greater. Your customers are probably asking for a reliable supply of gloves. Luckily, vinyl gloves provide just that: They are a great alternative for many applications where nitrile and latex were used before. And they are in our warehouse, ready to ship today!

Vinyl gloves are great for Medical tasks, food handling, chemical and oil industries and also painting tasks can benefit from the use of vinyl gloves. They are effective in protecting against oily substances, acid, emulsions and other liquids and serve well in food preparation where cross contamination needs to be kept to a strict minimum. Due to their anti-static nature, they are also useful when working with wires and cords. Stripping back sheaths on cords with tools can cause static and these gloves are useful in protecting hands from chafing.

Synthetic Hybrid Gloves are made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that is combined with synthetic rubber for enhanced elongation rate, elasticity, and flexibility, and increased tensile strength.
The result is a soft, supple industrial glove that delivers excellent fit, feel, and comfort. The performance of these gloves may surprise you.

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These and other gloves are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Medical Grade Vinyl
  • Industrial Grade Vinyl


100 pieces / box, 10 boxes per case (in most cases). FDA Registered.
Shipped directly from our warehouse in Kent, Washington, USA.

Product sold in full case quantity only.
Mixing of cases encouraged.
Free shipping on orders $2,500 and over.

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